Thursday, June 10, 2010

EDIE, THE DANCING CRAB - The Premiere Event of the Season

After many weather delays, the day finally arrived for the BUGS After-School Program's Annual Expo at Johnston Square. The students were excited. Parents and family members were anxious. Friends were wondering what all of the talk was about. It was the first presentation of a children's play by the BUGS Students. The play was written by Mr. Algernon. The students put a great deal of hard work and time into memorizing the lines, knowing their blocking and learning about the elements of theatre. Ms. Rachel, the Art Teacher, was able to guide the students in making props, costumes, the set and set pieces. It was a real collaborative effort between Ms. Rachel and Mr. Algernon.

Ms. Rachel was able to have a photographer friend, also named Rachel, to come in and take photographs before, during and after the show. The actors were elated. They posed, smiled and surround one another with such pride and confidence.

After the show was complete, all of the actors received a standing ovation from the audience. They were filled with such confidence and self-esteem.

I wonder what the next play will be about. HMMMMM!!

Enjoy the video!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


For our annual farmer's market, the BUGS Students presented tap dance for the performance. They learned about Gregory Hines, the Nicholas Brothers and Gene Kelly. They were great pioneers in the field of tap. Watching videos of all of these performers got all of the students excited about tapping. They were taught the basics... toe, heel and dig. Then slowly creating a choreographic work around the steps and phrases that were taught - The Shirley Temple, Cramp Rolls and the like. With all of that, they were ready to perform for an audience.