Friday, July 26, 2013

Infrared demonstration by Jessica Harris from the Space Science Telescope Institute

We had a great visit from Jessica Harris, Outreach Specialist at the Space Science Telescope Institute, on Tuesday, July 23rd.  Ms. Harris talked with our students about the Hubble Space Telescope and the soon-to-be-released James Webb Space Telescope.  Also, Ms. Harris brought an infrared camera and did a great demonstration of infrared detection. (The James Webb Space Telescope will use infrared detection to "see" distant, new-born stars.)  Her first demonstration was "cold hands."  Two students held some ice.  Can see you see what happened to their hands?  Then, she had two students hold a warm and cold cup.  Can you see the difference?  We brought out one of our Mexican Salamanders to show how cold-blooded animals show up in infrared.  Tyshay "wrote" on a white board with ice.  Finally, Amaia and Tylia stood on the floor with bared feet...look at the picture and see if you can see what happened!

Summer Science 2013

The first session of the BUGS Summer Camp was a blast!  The students explored how colors move, rainbows, which way is north, and getting energy from the sun.  The pictures below show students making "flowers" from filter paper, making "pizza" in their solar ovens, getting direction from the sun, and making magnetic water compasses.

Session 1 Recap

Our students made tie-dye t-shirts with a twist. Instead of using your traditional dye we used sharpies and rubbing alcohol to get the same effect without all the mess.

Our students used their creativity to come up with themes, fashion designs and choreography for their fashion show.

BUGS go to Larriland

One of the most delicious field trips the BUGS go on all year is to Larriland Farms. They have a huge selection of different U-pick fruits and they are all delicious. So far we have gone cherry picking, raspberry picking and blueberry picking. Hopefully we will be able to get some peaches before the summer is over.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tutu's with Ms. Kadija!

Today we made tutu's with the girls for our fashion show on Monday!

 So many pretty colors!!

Summer Camp!

Summer is in full swing and the BUGS garden is beautiful and bountiful! The BUGS gardeners have been working and playing hard - making terrariums, harvesting tomatoes, planting cucumbers, digging for potatoes, running through the sprinkler, and catching insects. It's been an exciting first session - our chickens laid their first eggs, we picked cherries and raspberries, and tasted our first fresh squash. Now we're ready for  more swimming, salsa making, vegetable growing, fun.