Monday, August 26, 2013

The Finale of Session 2

Summer camp has come to an end, but we went out with a bang! Our last project of the summer was our DIY hula hoops. The boys enjoyed decorating their hoops with tape and learning cool tricks with Ms. Nicole.
Tricks with Ms. Nikki
My summer goal was to learn to hula-hoop, with Ms. Nikki's instructions I caught on in no time. 
Shawn learned how to hula-hoop with his neck.

Tyquan is our expert hula-hooper.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Session 2

The girls ripped the runway, sporting their DIY tutus and tie-dye shirts.
Our themes this round were cheerleading, zumba and step.

                                                    Tutu's can be hats too!

We also Made our own hula-hoops. The girls used electrical tape and duck tape to decorate their hoops.

The boys made tie-dye shirts in preparation for their show. They also made hats to go with their Baltimore city theme.

                                         Rule #1 there are no mistakes in art.

This group showed their love for the Baltimore Ravens.

This group chose Crabs.
This group represented the National Aquarium.
Our beautiful audience.

 Yesterday we went on a trip to Fort McHenry, where students got a chance to get on board the Sigsbee.

                   We ended our day our day with some fun in the park.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013