Thursday, January 31, 2013

From eggs to chicks!

After 3 long weeks of watching over our eggs in the incubator, the BUGS students were able to see the first pip (a chick's first hole in her egg) in the first egg and the next day watched a baby chick hatch! On Monday night the first four eggs hatched and Tuesday during the day four more baby chicks hatched! Now there are 13 baby chicks for the BUGS students to watch over. Some of the baby chicks will go back to live with Ms. Karen in Virginia but some will stay here and live at BUGS! We are all excited to watch them grow!
Eggs and baby chicks that have just hatched in the incubator!
Just one day old and keeping warm in the brooder!

Yesterday we held our baby chicks for the first time!

Friday, January 25, 2013

BUGS Lunch Bunch

Last week the BUGS Butterflies had the idea to invite the Caterpillars to a Lunch Bunch. The Butterflies worked hard planning out a menu and activities. They made invitations and event programs and handed them out to teachers and students. For the Lunch Bunch the Butterflies made a fruit salad and some cranberry almond scones.

Makalla was one of the main organizers of the Lunch Bunch and insisted on taking people orders. 

Even Ms. Linda, our reading instructor, came to the Lunch Bunch. 

The scones and fruit salad were a hit!

After eating the Butterflies organized a raffle and a scavenger hunt. There were plans for art projects and board game time but time ran short. Those ideas will have to wait until the next BUGS lunch bunch.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The BUGS have been busy cooking and playing!

The BUGS students got to experience what it was like to be surrounded by seagulls when they fed them day old bread from H&S bakery. The gulls would grab the bread out of the air before it even landed. 

The BUG Students are currently learning about different cultures and foods. We have been baking up a storm learning about Challah. This is the BUG version of challah which is shaped into animals and bugs, decorated with nuts and seeds.

 When the BUG Students learned about South America, they made Empanadas with winter root vegetables and cheese. There were only a couple left by the end of the class which were shared with Ms. Kat the Gardening teacher.