Tuesday, May 20, 2014

 With the end of the school year closing in on us and the beautiful weather the BUGS students have been out having fun!
The Crickets went on a field trip to The Creative Alliance to work with internationally known Mexican artist Francisco "Paco" Loza. He teaches indigenous Huichol art form, arte en estambre, drawing with brightly colored yarn on boards coated with resin and beeswax.

The Butterflies enjoyed a sunny day on the patio painting; gathering inspiration from the scenery.
The Butterflies also did a confidence building art project from bravegirlsclub.com to remind them how wonderful they are everyday.
They've been begging all year! For the last art project of the school year the Grasshoppers got to work with clay.
We hit up the Orioles game and had a BLAST!
Next stop Camp Puh'tok the most anticipated trip of the school year.

All the students got a chance to do some horseback ridding.

The students learned a camp singalong called BANANAS! Check it out.

We ended our night telling ghost stories and making smores around the camp fire.

BUGS summer camp is right around the corner, check back more fun this summer!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ladybugs write about the Solar System

After creating many rockets and telescopes earlier this year, the Ladybugs spent some time writing books about the planets in our Solar System.  Did you know that the fastest wind in the Solar System is on Neptune and that Saturn has 12 rings?

Top: Tylia and Allyssa show off their book about Uranus. Bottom: Valeria and Gemali show off their book about Mars.

Top: Faith works on her book about Mercury, the fastest planet in the Solar System. Bottom left: Makalla works on her book about Saturn. Bottom right: Amya works on her book about Neptune, the Blue Jewel, while Allyssa helps clean up.

Crickets' First BUGS Farmers Market

The Crickets all had their first experience with the BUGS Farmers Market and they were AWESOME!!!!  Check out the pics!!
From the top left into center: Esmeralda staffs the table; Jose, Diamond, and Endia help their teacher pick out some soap; Esmeralda and Shawn wait for more customers; Jose gets help from Johns Hopkins volunteer, Sophie; and the Crickets help set up the tents.

From top right to top left: The Crickets help set up the tents; Jose gets help from Johns Hopkins volunteer, Sophie; Esmeralda, Shawn, and Kayla wait for customers; and Avantrey, Kayla, and Esmeralda show off their awesome face paintings.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Just in case you missed it...

In case you missed the BUGS Farmer's Market here are some highlights! Watch and enjoy!