Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ladybugs In Space!

This year the Ladybugs (and Spiders) are learning about Space and the James Webb Space Telescope.  During their first rotation in STEM, the Ladybugs made Balloon Rockets, Modeled the Universe, made telescopes, and learned about invisible forms of light (also called radiation).  Check out the pictures below!

Also, Parents, Balloon Rockets are a simple and SUPER FUN way to spend a rainy weekend afternoon.  You will need the following: 1) Balloons (the long ones work better), 2) Straws, 3) Tape, 4) clothes pins and 5) String or fishing (monofilament) line (fishing line works better).  All of these items can be bought at the Dollar Store.  Your child can blow up the balloon, clip the opening shut with the clothes pin, and tape the straw to it.  Then you load it on the string or fishing line and let it go!!  See how far you can get it by using a measuring tape (also available at the dollar store).

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grasshoppers "Dive" into STEM with Study of the Properties of Water

I was so excited because I got to start off the 2013-2014 BUGS school year with the Grasshoppers!  This year the Grasshoppers (and the Butterflies) will be studying the Properties of Water and engaging in Service Learning activities to help improve the quality of the water in the Baltimore Harbor.  Our first activities were all about the Titanic and how things sink and float.  Then, we learned about rainwater runoff and watersheds from Ms. Rachael Dickey.  The Grasshoppers did a great job cleaning up the Duck Pond at Patterson Park and reflecting on the importance of environmental stewardship and how cleaning up in their community made them feel.

Friday, October 18, 2013

BUGS get back to cooking!

The youngest BUGS group got to spend their first day at the Waterfront Kitchen making deviled eggs.

There were smiles and full stomachs all around. 
The BUGS Spiders also got to go to Waterfront Kitchen and review their knife skills. 

 Back at the BUGS kitchen lab on a particularly cold and rainy day we created some delicious hot chocolate and whipped cream all from scratch.