Monday, August 17, 2009

A Day of Harvesting in the Summer Garden

On this day we picked tomatoes, squash, beans, celery and cucumbers. We had fun picking all of the colorful vegetables from the garden. I had squash and Ranoah had big tomatoes. (Written by Kerron Webb).
Breonna and I were outside picking tomatoes and summer squash on a super hot day. We could tell when a tomato was ready to pick if it was dark red and a little bit squishy. We also had to tell if the squash was ready to be picked. It was big and yellow and green. (Written by Andrea Carmichael). 

I was at the BUGS after-school program, holding a bowl of big cucumbers. We have lots of fun at the BUGS program. I've been in BUGS for four years and that's a long time. 
The cucumbers are very good because they are freshly grown from the garden. We harvest the cucumbers when they are ripe. This is when they are really big. (Written by Miyah Montgomery). 
Asia and I were outside on a sunny hot day holding celery and enjoying ourselves. We grew and picked the celery from our garden at BUGS. The celery is green and looks like flowers. That day we worked hard in our garden. (Written by Brittane Vincent). 
The celery was crunchy and very good. It is growing very well because it has been taken care of by all the BUGS students. Now this celery is ready to be eaten. (Written by Asia Carmichael).