Thursday, September 3, 2009

Middle Schoolers Make Smoothies!

I must apologize... posts about the BUGS middles schoolers are something I've been wanting to post all summer and these posts are certainly belated. Better late than never, though. The BUGS students, along with myself and our summer intern Ms. Zoe, went to Larriland Farms in Carroll County to pick fresh peaches. We then made a salad with fresh veggies from our garden, goat cheese, and peaches. We had a ton of peaches left over, so we decided to learn a fun, nutritious way to start our day. We made peach smoothies. The students took the left over peaches, some low fat organic milk and yogurt, and any other fruit we had left over from lunch and blended it all up. The smoothies were a hit, and in this picture you can see (from left) Sohari, Taleyah, Taylor, and Arnesha sporting the newest fashion: The smoothie mustache.