Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let's Congratulate....

A round of applause for former BUGS Student, Willis Brandon, Jr. He attended the Maryland Council for Dance Festival during the weekend of October 23 - 25 at South River High School in Edgewater, MD. He participated in a scholarship audition, took classes in modern, ballet, Afro-Cuban, and tap. There were performances on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. He performed in the Sunday performance with his fellow dancers from the Morton Street Dance Center. After the Sunday performance, scholarships were given out to many of the participants. He, along with Teresa Hinton (pictured below), was awarded a scholarship to the White Marsh Ballet Academy for their summer intensive while she received a scholarship to Rage Box Dance Center. As the excitement dwindled on the ride home, he was excited and exhausted. BUGS Students are excelling in many different areas! Congrats to Willis Brandon!!!

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