Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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  1. Dear BUGS

    I am a volunteer member of the Baltimore Free Farm. Our organization is beginning to look very much like Growing Power as a model for sustainability. We are very engaged with our community and have had a very successful first year as we now maintain land and property that was once trashed, neglected, and abandoned.

    Our community garden is 16,000 square feet. We built it with hordes of volunteers, carving it into the side of a hill with terraced beds lined with large granite boulders we mined out of the ground from collapsed walls and old foundations. The plots are all free to the community to grow food in or to just walk in and gather vegetables up. It was a huge hit in this fractured community and has since become a sanctuary.

    Across the street from our garden we have our workshop warehouse. Its 6000 square feet, and while very rough around the edges, it is a modern production facility. We repair and improve the building and in turn we receive heavily subsidized rent from the landlord, making the situation very sustainable for us. We are creating a large sustainability center here in Baltimore and rallying many local green groups into our cause. Our group is very healthy and seems equipped for success.

    Check out our video online at our kickstarter page:www.kickstarter.baltimorefreefarm.org , or athttp://greenroofgiveaway.com/nominees/nominee-detail/?nominee_id=5 which is a contest we are involved with in receiving a $30,000 dollar green roof from a local roofing company. Its based on several criteria, one being votes. I was hoping that in contacting you that you may be able to help promote our cause.

    The voting is based on social networking and people are able to vote daily. We would like to network as well in any ways that you think may be mutually beneficial. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    All my best-
    Billy Thomas