Wednesday, April 6, 2011


On Friday, April 1st, Roland Park Elementary/Middle School held a free performance and African Dance Night. Our students went to see the performance and participate in the dance class. Willis Brandon, a former BUGS student, performed and took part in the dance class as well.
Our first stop, before arriving to RPEMS, was Five Guys in the Inner Harbor. The students had Cheese Burgers, Bacon Burgers and Bacon Cheese Burgers with fries. Man, did they devour those burgers and fries! All gone before they had to dance.
When we arrived at RPEMS, Ms. Williams, Ty'Jaih's mother, was there. She came to see the performance and watch the kids work up a sweat in the dance class.
Once the performance was over, Liz Pelton, the director of the RPEMS Dance Club, announced for everyone to participate in the African Dance Class. Diedre Dawkins Opare, along with her student, Sebastian, led the parents, teachers, friends, students and toddlers in a warm-up and high-energy dance class.
The BUGS Students tried everything! They jumped! They kicked! They swung their arms! They moved their torsos forward and back! They stomped their feet! Laugh! They finished it one time through and ran back to the line to try it all again! They were so excited and frenetic!

There were drummers keeping the crowd fill with music and energy! And the BUGS students had more than enough energy! It was high-impact and never wane!
And not to be outdone, they wanted me, Mr. Al, to try many of the moments! And I DID!! They were surprised that I could do them all very well!! Nonetheless, the trip was all about them and having a great time doing something they wouldn't get a chance to do on a regular basis! That's what BUGS is all about!!
After all of that dancing and exhaustion, we all took a quick ride down 83 South to take them all home. It was a great way to end the week!!


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