Friday, March 15, 2013

Chickens, Seedlings & Gourd Crafts

The Bridgers have been busy these past two weeks - taking care of our growing chickens, planting seeds, and working on unique gourd crafts!

Of our 13 chickens, 7 were baby roosters who had to go back to live on the farm. The 6 hens are enjoying all the new extra space and the first hen has been named - Shadow. 

Planting tomatoes! 

Gourd Project
The first step was to clean the gourds by scrubbing them to remove dirt and mold.

Some students removed the seeds which had either dried in a big clump or broken up into smaller chunks and dust.

William looks at a magazine to get ideas for his project.

Scooping out the inside to make a drinking gourd
Scrubbing reveals the beautiful natural colors of the gourd.
One gourd was made to look like a chicken

Oiling the gourd to give it a soft shine

The finished product - a beautiful bowl!

Filled with dried peas this gourd became a musical instrument

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