Friday, April 12, 2013

A couple of weeks back, I got to have a great time in the BUGS STEM program with the Spiders!!  They did some truly hard work and super cool stuff. 

The Spiders discussed what is alike about all humans -- we all wear clothes and we all learn -- and also discussed differences and where they come from -- it's DNA!  They also took some body measurements and found out there are relationships between how tall you are and how wide your arms are.

Then we spent a lot of time at the Duck Pond at Patterson Park.  We me some great observations about duck behavior.  We answered the question, "Why are those two ducks fighting?" (It was over a girl duck!)  And we did a clean-up day around the Duck Pond.  We collected A LOT of trash!  Now the ducks' home is that much nicer! 

Finally, we made melt-n-pour soap!!  These soap cakes will be for sale at the BUGS Farmers' Market so be sure to come and check it out!!!!!

But it wasn't all hard work....As you can see, they discovered the game of Squish the Lemon! 

~Neta Scarpari

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