Friday, February 14, 2014

Butterflies clean-up an Oil Spill!

During this rotation with the Butterflies, we have been learning about the impact of oil spills on the environment.  Through the lens of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster (April 20, 2010), the Butterflies have experimented with oil (cooking...just to be safe) and water.

The Butterflies looked at how oil and water act together and about the properties of oil.  Then, they asked "Does oil damage natural materials?"  Yes! Was the resounding answer.  So the Butterflies decided they needed to clean up the feathers, rocks, fur, plants, and shells damaged by the oil.  They concluded that hot water and soap does the best job of cleaning up oil-coated natural materials.

Good work, Butterflies!!  (Pictures to come next week.....)

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