Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Team Building with BUGS

Many of our students were taking great advantage of a meeting being held at their school for the Student Environmental Leadership Action Team with Mr. Jason. This meant that we were a few BUGS short of a regular day. With this, Mr. Tyone and I decided to combine our students to do some team-building and get to know our students on a more personal level. We tied in elements of both dance and STEM to make this a fun, educational, and productive time together.

 Here I am teaching the girls how to do a thigh stand. We talked about balance and weight to make our stunt safe. Pictured left to right: Ty'nasia, Lariyah, Ms. Valerie, Sharron, Tracey, Taylor, and Arly.
 Success! We completed the thigh stand stunt and the girls were very proud! We bonded over learning a new skill and learning about Ms. Valerie's cheerleading past.

To engage the girls and boys to work together more willingly and cooperatively, we challenged the students to make a human pyramid. We talked about elements of safety, how many people they had in total versus how many people would be on each level of the pyramid, weight distribution, and balance.

In the beginning, the girls and the boys did not want to work together or have anything to do with each other. Here, they are joined for a happy group photo for a job well done!

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