Friday, March 20, 2015

Legg Mason & Bikes

On Monday, March 16th, the BUGS After-School Program was given two bikes from Legg Mason. These bikes were constructed as a part of a team building exercise with high-ranking directors. The directors were from New York, Baltimore, London, and Singapore. They were separated into small groups. Each group was given a problem to solve. Once the problem was solved, they were then awarded a part of the bike. As the problems were solved, they were able to receive all the parts of the bike and then able to construct it.  At the end of the exercise, there were 8 bikes constructed.

Rebekah Lin Meyer, Living Classrooms Volunteer Coordinator, and Jennifer Byers, Legg Mason Non-Profit Outreach Director, were instrumental in allowing the BUGS Program to be about of the bike giveaway. Jeff Masom, Living Classrooms Foundation Board Member, briefly spoke about his connection to the Living Classrooms Foundation and all of the incredible programs that the foundations has in reaching the Baltimore community.  He then introduced the BUGS Program. Shyan Locklear and Darryl Spence were two students who represented the BUGS Program with this presentation. Needless to say, the students were excited! BUGS is now the proud owner of two bikes (one girl, one boy). These bikes will be a part of a giveaway for the BUGS First Annual Parent/Child Dance.  

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