Monday, July 11, 2011

BUGS Summer Program is Back!

The BUGS summer program began with an awesome first day on June 27th and each and everyday since then has been just as exciting. BUGS students having been doing many exciting activities throughout their days at camp. Students have had the wonderful opportunity to learn aerial dancing with help from instructor Kelly Jo Stull. The children have had so much fun while learning this exciting form of dance and have spent all their time laughing and smiling while doing it. As you can see below they have become very good at aerial dancing!

Even teacher Mr. Algernon gave the aerial dancing a go!
In addition to aerial dancing students have also been working on art projects. The past couple weeks the students worked diligently on their new project! BUGS students made personally decorated pillows for a family member of their choice. There was a long process to complete in order to reach the finished product. The process included planing your design out on paper with pencil, then retracing the design on the fabric with fabric markers. The students then colored in their designs, glued on strips of ribbon and finally picked a piece of colored fabric to use as the back of their pillow.

Then came the more challegning part! Students learned the different parts of a sewing machine and how to use one so that they could sew their pieces of fabric together themselves! It was amazing how fast students were able to learn to use the sewing machine and how good they became at it! Finally, students had to stuff their pillows and hand sew the rest of the fabric together. It may have taken them a lot of steps to complete the project but they enjoyed the entire process and the finished products were definitely worth the work! All the pillows look great!!

BUGS summer students have also been working hard in the kitchen and garden to prepare food and drink for the local farmers market. BUGS Students participate in the Hamilton/ Lauraville Farmer's Market every Tuesday from 4-8 even throughout the summer months! BUGS kids bring wonderful products to the market including pickles, salad dressing, herb dips, iced tea, and many more so be sure to check it out!

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