Thursday, November 20, 2014


For the past two weeks the spiders have been learning about a very aggressive and stylistic genre of dance known as "Krump". Krump is a very emotionally driven style of dance used in the streets of California to settle disputes, as well as to express emotions and faith. The boys were amped and ready to dive into the world of krump learning a brief history of the style, as well as a few movements to combine into a short combination. Here is the final product of one of the routines they've learned thus far!

The spiders are always ready and willing to jump into a dance cypher, always eager to show off their moves to everyone. Sometimes these cyphers even turn into one on one battles and thats just what happened in the second video above. Watch as Jamal and Edward battle it out to be known as "Krump King" in THE BATTLE GROUND!

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