Friday, December 5, 2014

Cooking up the holiday spirit

Holiday lights are going up all over the city and there's a chill in the air. It's definitely starting to feel like the holidays here at BUGS. Last week was Thanksgiving Break and Student Lead Conferences at Commodore, so there weren't many students for the 2 days of programming.
This week has been a busy one in the kitchen with the Ladybugs. Monday we practiced our chopping skills while whipping up a delicious fried rice. Then, Tuesday the girls got very fancy making their own pasta. Here are some pictures of them rolling the dough and shaping it into "farfalle" or bowties.

Note the looks on concentration on Danyell and Arly's faces. And that's Taylor cranking away on the pasta machine. Team work!

Aaliyah, Tracy and Ty'Shay are hard at work but were able to spare time for a smile. 

Pasta shaping. 
And the finished product, laid out for drying. The festive color, which comes from beets, makes them look like Christmas ribbons.

Then, to truly get into the holiday spirit Mr. Tyone organized at trip to the Meyerhoff to see the Nutcracker. But this was not your traditional rendition of the Nutcracker. It had Duke Ellington's music performed by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and dance performances by Step Afrika.

Jaylen conducting the orchestra.

Doneisha pointing out the appearance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.
On the trip back to school the students were unable to pick a favorite part, but liked all the bits with the step but especially when they were able to participate. 

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