Friday, May 29, 2015

Springtime in the City

The service berries are bright red and there are goslings running rampant on campus. That can only mean one thing: it's officially spring time.
The students and staff alike do their best to avoid the geese (and all their droppings)!, but the service berries are another story. Each afternoon the tree is surrounded by a group of students and teachers picking and eating the delicious fruit, which resemble blueberries in taste and appearance. 
Service berries growing on BUGS campus
Students picking service berries
 Cooking class in particular has benefited from this bounty. The Ladybugs spent a lovely afternoon picking berries and then baking them into delicious muffins. 

Ladybug Arly mixing up some service berries muffins

Springtime at BUGS also means lots of opportunities to play outside and enjoy the lovely weather. On recent Fridays students have had chances to roll down Federal Hill before visiting the American Visionary Arts Museum(AVAM) and play at Patterson Park.
Line of girls posed at the top of Federal Hill

And racing down the hill!

Rolling down the hill

Butterflies posing at AVAM

Students working together on the swings; 2 swings using 5 BUGS

Rosa(left)  and Endia enjoying the playground at Patterson Park