Friday, May 1, 2015


From making Ice Cream and Pasta with Ms. Ronnie, to making pillows, tote bags, and snow globes with Ms. Kat, planting numerous plants with Mr. Jason and making Soaps and scrubs with Ms. Valerie, The 19th Annual BUGS Farmers Market was a complete success. The children all showcased all the cool things they made throughout the year, worked every station diligently and made such a huge profit for the program all while having fun and being as awesome as they possibly could. Every child woke up eager and ready to help and have fun on a saturday morning and made our Farmers Market a flawless event. Lots of people from our neighboring communities, families and friends came out to support our students and their amazing work and to see their show stopping performance! There was dance, fashion, popcorn, face painting, music, food fresh off the grill, and the sound of children's laughter in the air, all the key ingredients to create The Bugs Farmers Market. Until next year..........:)

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