Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Attention Sir! KIYAH!!!

It started!! BUGS Karate Masters!!!!

BUGS students were given a chance to receive a karate lesson at Joe Palanzo's Kenpo Karate ( from Mr. Chris. Mr. Russell, the manager, allowed the BUGS Students to come in and learn the training horse, left fighting stance, and certain karate blocks.

The students were given white blocks which symbolized their early training in the karate form. Karate is an art form that is very disciplined, requires a great deal of focus, and strength.

With Mr. Chris, as their instructor, they were able to learn the upward, outward, inward, downward, and side elbow blocks. He started with them learning each arm separately, then progressed to the opposite arm. After learning on both sides, they used both arms. Mr. Chris came with an arm pad. As he charged with the arm pad, the students were able to block each one of the charges. Some were very successful while others did offer up many laughs as Mr. Chris carefully tapped the student when they missed the block. That garnered so many laughs from the other students.

He did such a wonderful job wit the students. Hopefully, this will not be the last time Mr. Chris gets to teach the BUGS Students.

For each group that came, Mr. Chris tailored each class to the group. He kept some things pretty consistent and was able to make each group's experience different and worthwhile. The older boys were able to run towards the punching dummies and
hit it with the heel of their hands. The older girls were able to break the
different colored boards from easy to difficult.

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