Thursday, December 10, 2009

BUGS Visit Red Tree in Hampden, and Enjoy 34th Street

Visiting Mrs.Carmen

 On the visit to Mrs. Carmen's  store '' Red Tree'' we talked and looked around in her store. There were lots of expensive and beautiful things. There were edible things,and more. When we went there Mrs .Carmen had talked and asked questions about the store. We also asked and answered her questions. We also sold our tree ornaments that we had left over from the tree sale that we had. Then Mrs.Carmen had gave Mr. Jason money to get us hot chocolate,it was ten of us. The place that we received our hot chocolate was at ''New System Bakery''. There was a nice and kind woman named Ms. Debbie,that showed us where the hot chocolate was.  After that Mr. Jason had took us to this very beautiful street that had  just lots and lots of beautiful lights. On that block there was this first house that we first had to look at the house and then we had to sign in on this paper, but we never knew what it was  for. Then we saw this nice, sweet and beautiful dog that was very friendly to people or other dogs maybe cats too. This visit was very FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Taleyah