Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Farm to Fork to Poop

For the next month the Younger Bows and Girls Groups will be learning all about the Digestive System. The Digestive System is the system of organs that convert food into energy. It is extremely important for human beings to have a healthy and active Digestive System.
Today, we made a Frittata using produce and eggs from Great Kids Farm in Baltimore. The bok choy, sunchokes, and eggs were grown and cared for by students from Baltimore City Public Schools. BUGS students volunteer at Great Kids Farm (http://www.bcf.org/givenow/givenow1.aspx?f=307150&c=FARM) every two weeks when they are in Mr. Jason's class. A Frittata is an Italian omelet. What makes a Frittata different than the omelets that we are all familiar with is that they are not folded, instead they are finished in an oven.

We watched, "The Magic School Bus, For Lunch." In this episode the class goes inside Arnold's Digestive System. The enter in the mouth, travel through the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, and then come up and out again through his mouth.

We put the Frittata into the oven at 425 degrees and waited, and waited, and waited. The Frittata was not done when we had to leave, so we ate it the next day for snack. It was worth the wait!

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