Friday, March 7, 2014

A loooooong winter

The BUG students have been trapped inside for a large part of this winter because of the unusual cold and wintery weather. They have been passing their time playing building games, writing letters, and drawing pictures.

Our group of older boys (The Spiders) recently got to sit in the VIP section of Waterfront Kitchen while their granola was finishing cooking in the oven. The granola was so delicious that most of it was eaten before it even cooled off. You can have a chance to try this fabulous treat at the BUGS Farmers' Market on April 26th. 

The BUGS have also been assembling a care package for their past Gardening Teacher, Ms. Kat. They have including hand written birthday cards, drawings and Guatemalan Worry Dolls. Ms. Kat now spends her days educated students on the West coast at a goat farm.  

Spring is coming! Try to stay warm until then.

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