Thursday, March 13, 2014

Winter Gardening with BUGS!

While we all are waiting for the weather to FINALLY warm up, students in BUGS' Gardening class are getting a jump on the season in our lovely new greenhouse (thanks, Waterfront Kitchen).
We work together with our new garden teacher, Mr. Jason, and Ms. Jo the greenhouse manager to start seedlings and grow microgreens.

We've also been carefully observing our greenhouse to make sure it stays healthy. When we discover a problem, rather than spraying chemicals, we release thousands of ladybugs to eat up the pests and keep things growing.
We record what we grow in our garden journals, where we also write our ideas for new projects.

On Fridays, we take our harvest to Mr. Martin's cooking class to share.

They enjoy our sprouts, salad greens and herbal tea, and we get to share the delicious pitas and bean dips made by the cooking class.

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