Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ladybugs Launch Rockets and Satellites and Deploy JWST

Alright NASA get ready because the BUGS Ladybugs are on their way to being Aerospace Engineers!

As you can see by the attached photos, the Ladybugs made balloons rockets, built satellites with size and weight constraints, and deployed a model of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).  Not only did they deploy a JWST model but they also learned about what JWST is and what it will do for our understanding of the Universe.  (They also learned to use the acronym "JWST" proficiently!) These ladies are energized and getting ready to tackle the next challenges of space exploration!

The balloon rocket and satellite activities are from NASA's BEST Students curricula, which can be found here

The JWST deployment activity was provided by Jessica Kenney of the Space Telescope Science Institute.  To learn more about the JWST visit

Ladybugs work on their satellite launch.
Ladybugs work on their satellite launch.

Tylia Ray and Makalla Shropshire-Fowlkes, both 5th grade, get silly with their satellite.
Amya Rice, 4th grade, and Makalla Shropshir-Fowlkes, 5th grade, attached their satellite to a balloon rocket.

Amaia Jones and Faith Sloan, both 5th grade, working on their JWST deployment model.

Jasmine Scott and Alyssa Ritchie, both 5th grade, demonstrate their JWST deployment model.

Tylia Ray and Valeria Costilla, both 5th grade, show off their JWST deployment model.

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