Friday, July 17, 2009

A Day at Patapsco Park

On Thursday, July 16th, we took our students on a field trip to Patapsco Park. They had the wonderful and unique experience of hiking among one of its trails. It was a downhill, uphill, winding, and narrow trail. As we descended down the trail, we came across a small stream that was banked with rocks. We allowed the students to walk across the rocks among the stream. They were very excited and liked the experience.

"This is such a unique experience!"

"The other group is so loud. If they were quiet, they could really enjoy what's around."

"Mr. Al, this is so much fun!"

These were some of the comments made by some of the students in my group.

As we traveled down the stream, it flowed under a tunnel. After the initial apprehension, they headed right through the tunnel particularly after they saw it was a short tunnel and they could see the other side.

We crossed a small bridge and then made our way to the larger and wider part of the stream. The kids stood in the water, learn to skip rocks, climbed across rocks to stand in the middle of the stream, and loved the coolness of the water.

After enjoying the view of the water and it's beauty, we headed back. My small group of students and I retraced our steps heading right back to the bridge. As we approached the bridge, I was asked if they could walk under it. I allowed them. As one student made her way across, she stepped gingerly and then... SPLASH!!! Right into the water!!! As the others tried to help her, they all eventually fell into the water!! I stood on the rocks...laughing and dry!!! Eventually and very quickly, they made their way out of the water and under the bridge. We walked back. I laughed even more!!!

"Mr. Al, that wasn't funny!!!

"Why would you laugh at us?"

Well, I stated rather plainly...

"Because it funny watching you all fall into the water!! And you know if that had happened to me, you all would have laughed at me!"

They walked back to the playground laughing and thankful that they had so much fun!!

"Mr. Al, that was so much fun!! Thanks!!"

That's the importance of what we do! We, all of the teachers, make what they learn and do fun!!
We create tools for becoming better students, having brighter futures, and making lasting memories!


  1. Al, what a poignant story. Your students will remember that field trip forever.

  2. I can hear your laugh as the kids fell in, Al! Glad to read about the difference that you are making in the lives of children!