Monday, July 20, 2009

Garlic Harvest!

 Last week we harvested our garlic crop from the garden. We used a shovel. We put the shovel close to the garlic, deep in the ground then rose it up to loosen the soil around the garlic. While one student was digging up each garlic bulb another student was picking it up and shaking the dirt off. The garlic is now hanging up in the kitchen to cure. 
In addition to being bad for your breath, garlic is actually very good for your immune system. Garlic is originally from Asia. If you grow garlic you have to make sure you plant it in the fall. It grows through winter and it comes up in spring. 
Garlic brings flavor out in your food. With garlic you can make many kinds of dishes. For example, bruchetta (which we did with Mr. Drew), salsa, pizza sauce, pastas, pickles, salad dressing, and stir-fries. (Reported by Sohari Davis, Aijha Pack, and Taylor Bennett).