Friday, July 23, 2010


As the last week of the Summer Session comes to an end, the Older Girls group experienced bikram yoga and step aerobics. They were very honest and expressed how hard yoga was. They exclaimed how hot it was in the room and the difficulty in doing some of the poses. And yet, they tried each one of the poses.
Step aerobics was on Wednesday. This they enjoyed. It had great music., an energetic teacher and a mirror to see themselves move. They all thought of it as danced. They sweated, drank water, toweled off and got right back into the groover. They clapped. They kicked. They had fun!
With the last group experiencing a "Summer of Fitness Through Movement," it's time to move on to session two with stilt walking. Let's see what that brings!!
Mr. Reggie with Diamond Johnson, Kayle Manning, Breonna Vincent, Ayonna Moore, Ty'Jaih Gill and Brittane Vincent!

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