Friday, July 9, 2010


As the BUGS Summer Program begins, students are having some new and different experiences. For this first session, they are being introduced to step aerobics. The students, above and below, were given an introduction to step aerobics by Mr. Reggie. He is a personal trainer at The Cooley Gym at John Hopkins Hospital. When we arrived, the boys quickly changed and gathered in the exercise room. Mr. Reggie introduced himself and then gave them the basics of step aerobics. They were taught the Basic Step, the "V" Step, Ham Curl, Single and Repeater Knee and the "Turn-Around." Step aerobics raises the heart rate, builds stamina and challenges your endurance. Along with those aspects, it also improves upon musicality, listening skills, coordination, stretch and mathematic skills. It also helps in understanding phrasing with movement. All of these aspects are important to dance and creative movement. With a big thank you to Mr. Reggie, a great time was had by all.


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