Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The second week of the BUGS Summer Program is underway and it began with the Middle School Girls taking bikram yoga. Bikram yoga is more commonly known as "Hot Yoga." The room is heated at 105 degrees. The class was taught by Ms. Becky. She has been studying and taking bikram yoga for 4 years. She has had the opportunity of teaching high schools and that experience has aided her in instructing middle and elementary school students.

The girls were instructed in the various poses of the Standing Series. They began with the Breathing Series. Their hands were interlaced under the chin with the elbows touching. As they inhaled, their elbows rose above their shoulders and for the more flexible students, above the head. As they exhale, the head was pushed back by the hands while making a "H" sound as the air was released through their mouths. Every series of poses were completed two times on each side - the right side and the left side. From the beginning, sweat dripped down the faces of the students but they persevered.
The girls tried every pose from the Half Moon: a pose with the arms stretched above the head, hands interlaced, index finger pointing upward and stretching to the right or left side while pushing your hips in the opposite direction. This allows for a full stretch from the fingertips to the feet. Standing Bow is done by balancing on one leg while grabbing the opposite leg from the inside of the foot and jetting yourself forward. Aijha Pack demonstrates the Standing Bow.
As Ms. Becky took the girls through the other poses, they tried The Eagle - an entanglement of the legs, The Awkward Pose - a balance pose with the legs apart flat-footed or on the toes where one sits on an imaginary chair, and The Triangle Series - where the legs are further apart, one leg bends, the other is straight, the torso is reaching over towards the bent leg while the same arm as leg is reaching downward, the opposite arm is reaching upward and the face is in profile. Lastly, the girls tried the Toe Stand. Angel Burton and Aijha Pack really succeeded in executing this pose.
Ms. Becky with Miyah Montgomery, Taleyah Little, Ronoah Johnson, Angel Burton and Aijha Pack.

Special thanks to Bikram Yoga Baltimore in the East Harbor for all of their assistance and great staff!

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