Friday, July 16, 2010


The Middle School Girls had a step aerobics class with Mr. Reggie. He is instructing them on how to place your foot on the step before they began any of the step phrases.
The girls really thought it was going to be easy when Mr. Reggie demonstrated some of the step aerobic phrases. After Mr. Reggie very easily showed the movements, Taleyah says, "Mr. Al, I really like this!" "Wait until it speeds up," I say to Taleyah. She exclaims, "It speeds up?" "It sure does!" Then Mr. Reggie puts on the music and it began!!
They moved all around the step. They laughed and enjoyed themselves as they completed the "L" Step, the Straddle with a Knee Lift, Knee Lifts and the Turn Step. Sweat came pouring down their brows. Water was gulped whenever they got a chance. It was fun, upbeat and energetic.
Mr. Reggie is below with Ronoah Johnson, Taylor Bennett, Angel Burton, Aijha Pack, Taleyah Little and Miyah Montgomery.

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